Works Contracts

Works contracts with specialists from Eastern Europe

Hiring Eastern European companies to deliver specific works for your project is one effective means of covering your labour needs. This form of recruitment does not require a long-term commitment on your part. Instead, you are hiring personnel from Eastern Europe to perform specific tasks within a defined project. These subcontractors can be either individuals (freelancers) or companies. Subcontractors are frequently used in construction and food preparation and on manufacturing lines. Under certain circumstances, this can be an appealing alternative to the usual hiring of temporary workers from an agency. The advantages include comparatively lower costs, reliable expenses (the subcontractor works for a flat, works-based fee) and lower risks. Payment for subcontracting jobs can also be made dependent on successful completion of the task as agreed.


If you hire temporary or permanent workers, you cannot make their pay contingent on successful completion of their work. As an experienced recruiting and employment agency in Eastern Europe, we specialise in all types of recruiting, including temporary employment and hiring freelancers and subcontractors. We guarantee that we only select qualified personnel from Eastern Europe based on your requirements. We also emphasise social skills and provide our recruits with extensive preparation, to ensure they are ready to work in Germany. We also draft and negotiate legally impeccable contracts with Eastern European freelancers and subcontractors, which eliminates your risk of being sanctioned for violating any applicable rules and regulations.

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