Service Contracts

Hiring professionals from Eastern Europe to provide services

Service contracts are becoming more popular and, under certain circumstances, represent an attractive alternative to hiring temporary workers from an agency or subcontracting the work on a project-by-project basis. Service contracts are used for many different kinds of services, such as nursing care. The client and the contractor agree that the contractor will handle certain services on behalf of the client in exchange for an agreed fee. The freelancer does the work largely independently, which is an essential legal framework for such contracts. In other cases, hiring temporary workers from an agency is the better choice. In many cases, the distinctions between the different kinds of contracts can be fluid, so we will be glad to provide you with comprehensive advice on how to proceed. In addition, we will be glad to prepare service contracts for you based on your needs.


Service contracts are advantageous because they are have comparatively lower costs and are require less commitment from clients. They can be fixed for a certain period and are not subject to the usual protections against dismissal that apply to standard employment contracts. Whether you decide to hire a contractor or temporary workers, we will ensure legally sound contracts and highly qualified, reliable personnel from Eastern Europe. As an established recruiter in Eastern Europe, we guarantee that the personnel we locate for you will perform to your satisfaction. We will use your requirements to conduct targeted searches for personnel from Eastern Europe with the necessary qualifications and social skills. We also give all of our recruits extensive preparation for working in Germany. This minimises the time it takes for them to get orientated, allowing them to get to work right away.

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