Temporary Workers

Hiring temporary workers from Eastern Europe

Many companies are now meeting their labour requirements with workers from Eastern Europe. Germany suffers from a shortage of workers in many areas and qualified personnel from Eastern Europe represent the solution. How you decide to organise the recruitment and hiring of workers from Eastern Europe depends on your needs and legal framework. For example, there is the classic hiring of temporary workers from an agency. An employment agency leases personnel to you on a flexible basis for a limited time. Alternatively, you can have an agency recruit contractors to provide a certain service for a certain period (service contract) or for a certain project (works contracts). Under works contracts, the client hires the contractor to complete a specific task.


As a rule, German companies do not organise their recruitment of temporary workers, freelancers or subcontractors from Eastern Europe. Such recruiting work requires a great deal of expertise about the labour market and the legal regulations in Poland and beyond. If you want to bring in workers from Eastern Europe, your best alternative is to turn to a professional recruiting agency. As specialists in finding temporary workers, freelancers and subcontractors, we use modern recruiting methods to find the best match in Eastern Europe. We set strict standards for the professional qualifications and social skills of those we recruit, always based on your requirements. We also guarantee legally impeccable contracts. This, in turn, requires consideration of many different aspects, including reporting obligations, taxes, social insurance payments and collective bargaining agreements. As an established recruiting agency for Eastern Europe, you can rely on us to ensure the fully proper recruitment and organisation of the workers you need.

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